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Your Best loadshedding kit

Based on your budget, you can choose from the following solutions.

Entry-level option

Inverter Power: 5kWBattery Power: 5kWhCapable of simultaneouslypowering one air conditionerone washing machine,one refrigerator,one television,one fan,and fve lights for aduration of two hours.

2.5-year warranty

Advanced option

Solar Inverters

Inverter Power:10kWBattery Power:10kWhCapable of simultaneouslypowering one air washing machine,onerefrigerator,one water heaterone television,and oneelectric kettle for a durationof two hours

10-year warranty

High-end option

Inverter Power: 12kWBattery Power:15kWhCapable of simultaneouslypowering two air conditionersonewashing water television,andone electric kettle for aduration of two hours.

10-year warranty

DIY support
Solar Inverters

What’s an inverter?

An inverter acts as the brain of your energycontrolling system, crucialfor its functioningIt can be customized with various workingmodes tocater to your specifc power needs.

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