Solar Inverter

SNA 3-6k

  • Intelligent off grid & hybrid modes
  • PV & AC power loads simultaneously
  • Wide PV input voltage range 100V~480V
  • DC to DC converter easy to use with battery
  • Free monitoring & remote upgrade
  • Single phase or unbalanced three phase
  • Support up to 16units in Parallel
  • Independent generator interface
  • Host inverter automatically generated to manage entire system

LXP-LB-EU 8-10k

  • 210A charging/discharging current enables fast battery charging while also meeting high power demands for household loads
  • Multiple working modes, suitable for different power supply conditions
  • Separate generator interface available and AC coupling function.
  • 90A pass through relay to UPS, easy installation
  • Advanced parallel, up to 6 units
  • Smart load control
  • Easy to use with batteries
  • Color touch LCD, IP65


  • Max. charging/discharging current of 250A enables the system to achieve an impressive efficiency: 99%
  • AC coupling function extends the interface capabilities of existing diesel generators, allowing users to connect them to existing on-grid systems and achieve energy independence once again
  • The rated off-grid power supply capacity is 12kW
  • Support up to 10pcs in parallel
  • Smart load control
  • Integrated UPS module, on/off grid seamless switch time under 20ms
  • 3 MPPT inputs, maximum up to 18 kW
  • Color touch LCD, IP65