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Luxpowertek’s Energy Storage System (ESS) is an advanced solution designed to provide users with an efficient and reliable power management experience

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Who is Luxpower?

Luxpower has assembled a team of highly skilled solar inverter engineers, each with an extensive background of over 20 years in designing solar inverters.We prioritize our dedication to providing intelligent energy solutions for areas with or without access to electricity, aiming to contribute to a more sustainable and empowered global community.

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Top solar lnverter manufacturer
Global News 2023.07.11

Luxpower has a professional solar inverter engineers team with more than20 years of solar inverter design experience.

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Simple Taps for Whole Home Smart Energy Control 

Luxpower’s self-developed monitoring system – the smart & efficient energy usage and storage enabler. 

On-site or remote, enjoy real-time, close-loop communication with your Luxpower ESS. Monitor station performance around the clock, fine-tune specific modules and streamline energy flow—all within a single platform.

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Story with Lux

Step into a world where passion, innovation, and satisfaction converge. Discover firsthand accounts from our tech-savvy users worldwide as they actively shape Luxpower’s tech delivery and customer service from the outside in. 

Meet our esteemed LUX Ambassadors—an exceptional collective committed to attaining energy independence through the latest technology.

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Aspergo Energy was first introduced to Luxpower in 2018, and received our first test samples in 2019.As a start-up Renewable Energy distributor, we were looking for a young dynamic company who would be able to meet our specific needs.We started with the LXP-5K standard model and were instrumental in having this model NRS certified in South Africa.Aspergo has since become an approved repair and warranty centre for Luxpower. The training and support we receive on a daily basis is phenomenal.Engineers are always on hand to help and no request goes unanswered.We are proud to be associated with Luxpower and look forward to a long and prosperous future with them.

After a long time of experience and distribution of many brands, we have chosen to be the official distributor for LuxPower. Because the product hardware is stable, the software is always upgraded to be more complete and optimized. In particular, the enthusiastic support from the company’s technicians helps us build a good and fast warranty policy.