Lux Power got aware of rumors that "Lux Power and Ninbo Huayu Technology jointly developed 7.6-12kW hybrid inverters", these rumors are wrong.

There's a dispute between Luxpower and Ningbo Huayu Technology about the Exclusive Agency Agreement which was officially terminated end of 2022.

Lux Power can confidently state that all product are solely developed and certified by Lux Power. The Lux Power hybrid inverters are fully certified and available for North American market.

Also, we are happy to invite you to our Lux Power North America roadshow in Phoenix, Salt Lake city, Las Vegas and Los Angeles in the first week of May, 2023. This is a great chance to meet face to face, and discuss our products and capabilities.

Lux Power would like to express our gratitude to our friends, partners and users, if you're interested in further information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

You are welcome to check more details HERE.


Eddie | Head of the American Market


Lux Power Team/March 30th, 2023

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