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We are thrilled to invite you to visit our booth in coming SPI, Saunders Convention Center, NV. September 12-14, 2023.

Please visit us at Booth 5521 to learn more. Gifts and samples are ready for you!

Venue: Saunders Convention Center

City: Las Vegas

Country: United States

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Luxpower New US Models To Be Shown At SPI USA

Luxpower will bring the new UL certified hybrid 12k inverter into the show, that are tailor made for American families, we are also bringing 5k Eco hybrid that is targeting smaller houses or off-grid area where grid is not accessible or stable. Neat design with quality performance, without transformer needed for pure split phase output.

We are also excited to bring our large model LSP 100 to the show, with 200k solar input and 100k output plus charge power, the best way to introduce energy storage to your commercial applications! Patent DC coupled design allows users to easily retrofit an existing PV system to include DC side coupling in order to create an energy storage system. With this new storage system, compatible batteries and more PV panels can be added while also allowing the PV system to work on a schedule. This will largely increase the self-consumption rate and help with peak shaving.

LSP 100k

  • IP65 design, quick installation
  • Touch screen, free monitor
  • DC Converter advanced power management
  • Handy apps available on mobile
  • Flexible accout settings for multi level type users
  • DC coupled, 24strings Solar input and 12 strings output
  • Retrofit on grid system to energy storage hybrid system
  • Intelligent data collection for remote service assistance

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Eco Hybrid SNA 5k

  • Intelligent offgrid& hybrid modes
  • PV & AC power loads simultaneously
  • Wide PV input voltage range
  • Free monitoring & remote upgrade
  • Single phase or unbalanced three phase
  • Advanced Parallel, up to 60kW
  • Independent generator interface
  • Host inverter automatically generated to manage entire system

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Hybrid LXP 12-US

US 12k N2
US 12k N2
  • Battery for inverter have more Stronger UPS, max. 250A discharging current
  • 200A pass through relay to EPS, easy installation
  • Plug & Play, seamless switching under 10ms
  • Normal 230, 240V, split phase 120/240, 120/208V, 100/200V available
  • Battery Inverter advanced parallel, up to 72kW
  • Host inverter automatically generated to manage entire system when parallel
  • Solar battery power inverter Easy to use with battery, can work with low vol battery
  • AC coupled function
  • Separate generator interface
  • Battery inverter work with utilities to intelligently manage the battery and save bills
  • Optional 10 year warranty

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