LuxpowerTek launches 8-12kW hybrid inverter

The Chinese inverter manufacturer said the new device can be used for residential and commercial projects as well as to replace diesel power generators or as back-up power. The device features an efficiency of 97.5% and a European efficiency of 98%.

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The LuxpowerTek Hybrid LXP 8-12kW inverter.

Image: Luxpower

Chinese inverter manufacturer LuxpowerTek has unveiled a new hybrid inverter for residential and commercial applications.

Dubbed Hybrid LXP 8-12kW, the device is claimed to be also suitable to replace diesel power generators or to provide back-up power. “Its paralleling function allows building systems with a capacity ranging from three to 144kW,” a company spokesperson told pv magazine.

The transformer-less inverter is available in four power classes, ranging from 7.6kW to 12kW and has a DC input voltage range of 100V to 600V. It measures 650x440x220mm and has a weight of 38kg.

The device features an efficiency of 97.5% and a European efficiency of 98%. It has an operating temperature range of -25 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, smart fan cooling, IP65-rated protection, and is able to operate at an altitude of up to 2,000m.

It is compatible with lithium-ion batteries with a nominal voltage of up to 48V and a voltage range between 40 and 60V. According to the manufacturer, the new product can be used either for grid-connected or off-grid PV systems.

LuxpowerTek is based in Shenzhen, in China’s Guangdong province. It manufactures hybrid inverters, AC coupled inverters and storage systems.

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