SNA split phase 6K

Designed with compactness in mind, the SNA US 6K inverter facilitates effortless installation, making it a seamless addition to your energy infrastructure. Safety is paramount, and this inverter ensures top-tier security features to safeguard both users and connected systems.

Unveiling a novel dimension, the SNA US 6K inverter isn’t just limited to grid-connected usage; it also offers autonomous power generation to supply power in conjunction with the grid. This dual capability caters to regions with varying power supply conditions, allowing for smooth transitions between grid-connected and off-grid modes. This makes it an ideal solution for remote areas and places with unstable power supply, enabling direct off-grid utilization.

SNA-US 6K, designed for off-grid energy storage applications, features a dedicated generator interface and an EPS interface with a 6kW output power. By connecting essential household loads to the EPS port, the system seamlessly switches to off-grid mode during grid instability, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for household activities.