Split-phase LXP 8K/10K

Effortlessly combining instant energy consumption and storage in a single device, this state-of-the-art hybrid inverter offers plug-and-play convenience and high performance. With its streamlined all-in-one design, AC coupling capabilities, and user-friendly setup, this innovative inverter provides homeowners with enhanced security and control over their energy usage.

Peak shaving function Breakers (AC, Gen, Load and Battery) are integrated 10 pcs Stackable AC Coupling On/off grid seamless switching under 10ms Colorful touch LCD, IP65 for indoor/outdoor installation

UL-certified, meticulously designed, and engineered for residential energy storage excellence. Perfectly suited for small households, these compact split-phase hybrid inverters seamlessly integrate with low-voltage batteries, ensuring reliable power generation in both grid-connected and off-grid scenarios. Experience effortless energy independence with Luxpower’s innovative solutions.