Find Us at Solar Energy Trade Shows (dba RE+ Events) 2023

About  RE+ 2023

RE+ is the rebranded name for the combined event that used to be known as Solar Power International, Energy Storage International, and Smart Energy Week. Organized by SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) and SEPA (Smart Electric Power Alliance), it serves as a platform that gathers professionals, experts, and companies from the renewable energy and sustainable technology sectors. This convergence aims to exhibit innovations, exchange insights, and deliberate on the most recent advancements in the industry.At RE+ 2023, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with over 27,000 attendees and explore more than 1,300 exhibiting companies. The event also offers an enriching education program led by industry experts, providing in-depth insights into the field.

Our Agenda

Join us for an exciting showcase at the upcoming US RE+ 2023 exhibition! Experience our latest innovations in the Hybrid series, featuring the new 8-10k and 12k models. These cutting-edge designs include essential functionalities such as AC coupling, parallel connection capabilities, and an app based on a US server. Delve into the capabilities of our compact Eco Hybrid SNA 3-6k split phase system, tailor-made for comprehensive off-grid utilization. Additionally, take a closer look at our high-voltage battery-ready DC Retrofit LSP 100k – the perfect solution for transforming a solar field with 24 strings of PV input into a robust and efficient energy storage system. We invite you to engage with us in meaningful conversations, as we explore how our solutions can contribute to your journey towards achieving energy independence and security.
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  • AC coupling function
  • Peak shaving function
  • Support up to 10pcs in parallel
  • 12kW UPS split phase output
10:00-11:00 Luxpower Inverter introduction
11:20-12:00 Luxpower Monitoring introduction
12:00-13:00 Coffee time
13:30-14:00 Installation introduction
14:20-16:00 System test and demontrate
16:00-          Q & A
  • 3MPPT and up to 18kW PV inputs
  • Separator gen port
  • Load and battery breakers integrated
  • 200A AC bypass current

Our Products at The Solar Show

SNA 5-6k

Off-grid/Split Phase

LSP 100k

DC Retrofit

LXP-LB-US 8-10k

on&off-grid/Split Phase


on&off-grid/Split Phase