AC Coupled Inverter Performance

  • Stronger UPS
  • Difference amp ac coupled intelligent working modes
  • IP65, indoor & outdoor use
  • Generator interface available
  • Free monitoring & remote upgrade
  • Advanced Parallel, up to 36kW
  • Plug & Play, seamless switching under 10ms
  • Retrofit any on-grid systems to be able to run battery
  • AC coupled inverter work with utilities to intelligently manage the battery and save bills

AC Coupled Inverter Efficiency


Europe Efficiency


Max Efficiency

AC Coupling Application

Application Note—AC Coupled Battery Inverter

Expandable futureproof units. More than one Squirrel Pod unit can be linked together (or added later) to increase storage capacity or increase charge/discharge rates.

How The Squirrel Pod Works:

Energy providers like Octopus Energy will now provide extremely cheap off peak renewable electricity via their Agile Tariff platform. The ac coupling problem is that the time the electricity is cheap varies day to day. The Lux Power Squirrel Pod are battery storage system will automatically find the cheapest prices and fast charge your batteries. Octopus Energy Agile offers cheap Off Peak tariffs between 00:00am to 8:00am & 12:00pm to 4:00pm. By simply selecting how many half-hourly charge periods you want within these time slots the Lux Squirrel Pod will do the rest and hunt out the cheapest of the cheapest tariff rates and charge the batteries.