DC Retrofit Converter with On-grid System

Supporting up to 200 kW of PV input and a maximum PV output of 100 kW, this inverter is built on DC-coupling technology, delivering solar electrical energy to the energy storage system in direct current form. By connecting directly to existing grid-tied inverters, linking solar panels with batteries, and transforming them into an energy storage system, it enables seamless retrofitting for commercial and industrial applications. This not only reduces installation costs but also enhances solar energy capture efficiency.

Max. 200kW PV input, 100kW PV output Retrofit on-grid system to hybrid system (energy storage) DC-coupling, 24 MPPT inputs and 12 MPPT outputs Advanced power management logic For C & I Application

Industrial and commercial grid retrofits for cost savings. LSP 100K is specifically designed for upgrading existing grid-tied systems. By connecting to the existing grid inverter on the DC side and seamlessly integrating with solar PV and energy storage batteries, it maximizes the utilization of solar energy. With a focus on self-consumption, it enhances energy efficiency, making it an optimal choice for industrial and commercial users to reduce electricity costs.