How to Reset Solar Inverter

A common problem with long-used inverters is system errors. Most of the system errors we can solve by resetting solar inverter. In this article, we will explain in detail how we can reset solar inverter with minimal harm in case of system errors. We can, of course, choose just to unplug and restart. But this is very dangerous for the solar inverter system and the battery. So we try to choose the right way to reset solar inverter so that we can extend the life of the solar inverter as long as possible.

reset solar inverter
  1. Turn off the solar panel inverters
    Turning off the solar panel inverters does not mean you have just to unplug it. We first find the location of the inverter and then locate the AC/DC toggle switch.
  2. Turn off the AC power
    You may or may not need to do this. If you have an AC power disconnect installed, then turn it off.
  3. Turn off the solar disconnect box
    The solar disconnect box will usually be underneath the solar panel, but be aware that there may be a loud banging sound during the shutdown process.
  4. Close the electrical service panel.
    Close the main circuit breaker on the electrical service panel. It will be marked as “PV.”
  5. Wait 30 seconds
    We will turn everything back on in reverse order when 30 seconds have passed.
  6. Open your electrical service panel
  7. Open the solar disconnect box
    Turn it back on. Note: There may be a loud popping sound.
  8. Turn on the AC power disconnect
  9. Turn on the hybrid solar inverter
    It may take a few minutes to 30 minutes for the system to fully boot up for backup. So don’t rush and be patient.

Try to reboot by switching on and off in the above order to avoid damaging the hybrid solar inverter.

How to reset solar inverter after a sudden power outage

How do we reset solar inverter if there is a sudden power outage? If we have batteries, the inverter does not need to worry about shutting down for a short time. But if not, then we need to perform the following actions.

  1. Turn off the AC power.
    An AC isolator will be between the meter box and the distribution panel. We reset solar inverter and need to turn it off first.
  2. Turn off DC
    Turn off the DC isolator located below the inverter. Keep it like this for about 5 minutes, then turn it back on.
  3. Turn on DC
    It is essential to start the DC isolator first.
  4. Turn on the AC
    After turning on the DC, we need to turn back on the AC switch, which is also the main solar switch. Then wait at least one minute to reset solar inverter.

Common inverter problems and their solutions

Of course, after a certain time, we may have problems that cannot be solved by simply restarting the solar panel inverter. Let’s list the following.


Cannot be turned on

The solar panel inverter not turning on is one of the most frequent inverter issues. This type of failure may include power failure, system failure, etc. We need to check the power switch for defects first. If there is poor contact or other defects, you can directly contact the solar panel inverter supplier for repair. Next, check whether the battery is aged or corroded. Generally, it can not turn on the reset solar inverter. We first check these two components.

Hybrid Inverter page 2

No battery power

Another common inverter problem is a dead battery. There are many reasons for no power, such as battery aging, corrosion, blown fuse, etc.

pure sine wave

Alarm sounds constantly

Very often, the inverter’s alarm may keep saying. In this case, the possible cause may be an overload of the inverter or a stuck cooling fan. Disconnect all additional loads in case of overload. If the problem is still not resolved, then you may need to take the inverter to a service center or contact a professional for assistance.

Shorten the backup time

Another problem you may encounter with inverters is shortening the backup time. This may be due to excessive power consumption, so you must remove the extra load. This problem may occur even in this case if the batteries are not properly charged. In addition, if the battery loses its electrolyte, it may shorten the backup time. In this case, refill the battery regularly with distilled water. Please remember to keep the water level between the maximum and minimum limit.


Each inverter has a cooling fan that needs to run as long as the unit runs. If the cooling fan does not maintain a cool enough temperature to work safely, the inverter will generally not be noisy. Likewise, if the fan is stuck for some reason, the solar power inverter will make noise. If it still makes noise when you turn it off and restart it, then that’s when you need to replace the fan with a new one.

Do not panic if a system failure occurs during our use. Generally, a reset solar inverter can solve 80% of system failures. If the problem is not solved after restarting the hybrid solar inverter, we need to check the power supply, batteries, connections, etc. Finally, you can also call the seller and wait for their staff to come to repair.

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