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Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid Series

Hybrid Series

How it Works

System Connection

A newly designed solar and energy storage hybrid inverter, capable to install in on-grid solar, off-grid solar and back-up systems.

LXP Hybrid enables a programmable and scheduled smart solar energy storage system to help increase your solar energy self-consumption rate, protect your home appliances from grid shortage, and balance your energy usage strategy to save energy bill.

Parallel Connection

Paralleling LXP inverters in one phase to extend the single phase system capacity for either hybrid or AC coupled energy storageappliations.

Paralleling LXP inverters (single phase inverters) to build a three phase system for either hybrid or AC coupled energy storage applic ations.

Smart paralleling algorithm enable multiple configurable working modes under on-grid, off-grid or micro grid applications.

Force Time Use

Force time use mode, where there is a big difference tariff times.

This mode suits for situation where the price difference of energy is big. User can set the charging and discharging time and priority of energy use under Force Time Use mode. The user can also choose whether to charge the battery using grid power if the regulations permitted.

Self Consumption

Under self consumption mode the energy generated by PV will be mainly used by local loads, and rest will be stored in the battery,excessive power will be fed back into the grid.

This is the default mode which will increase the self consumption rate and reduce the energy bill significantly.