TriP 6-20K

Residential Complexes: Provide uninterrupted power to residential communities of varying sizes.

Microgrids: Create self-sustaining microgrids for remote areas with unreliable grid connections.

Industrial Facilities: Ensure uninterrupted operation of production lines with ample power capacity.

Backup Power: Safeguard critical systems with a scalable backup power solution.

Three-phase solutions with High Voltage Batteries Max. 20kW UPS output Supports 1.5 DC/AC ratio Supports up to 10pcs in parallel for on/off grid Separate Generator Port for multi-functions

Explore our three-phase inverter, designed for powering small businesses and large villas with an integrated electricity solution. It combines all the functions of a hybrid inverter, offering a maximum UPS output power of 20kW and the ability to parallel up to 10 units, catering to various scenarios. Additionally, it features a reserved DC charger interface. Choosing our three-phase inverter means choosing reliability and stability for your power needs.