Dongle FAQs

A: The prompt “dongle already exists” indicates that the dongle has already been added to the server. If you wish to re-add it, please remove the dongle from the station first. If the dongle still appears under your account, kindly contact your supplier or Luxpowertek for assistance.

A: Follow these steps to configure the new WiFi password via the app (ensure the new router supports the 2.4GHz frequency band):

  • Insert the dongle into the inverter.
  • Connect your mobile phone or computer to the local hotspot sent by the WiFi dongle when the WiFi LED on the dongle is solid.
  • Open the Luxpowerview app and navigate to the “WiFi dongle connect” page.
  • Select your home WiFi network and input the password.
  • Click “Home WiFi connect” and wait for all three LED indicators to solidify.

A: Ensure that you have inserted the SIM card provided by LUX into the 4G dongle. If issues persist, please provide the 4G dongle serial number, inverter serial number, and SIM card serial number to Luxpower for inquiry regarding the validity period.

A: Troubleshoot by checking the following:

  • Verify if the router supports WiFi 5 protocol.

  • Ensure the router is configured to WPA1/WPA2/WPA2/3.

  • Confirm if the router supports the 2.4GHz frequency band.

  • Check if the router is configured to DHCP (or manually assign the IP address for the dongle).

A: Currently, only one dongle can be bound to a particular inverter and station.

A: Check if you can see a hotspot named “MXCHIPXXXX.” If you log in to and change the WiFi mode to station mode, the dongle may fail to show AP. Additionally, if a factory reset is performed, the AP may appear as “MXCHIPxxxxxxx.”