LXP Series Split-phase Hybrid Inverter Passed the US Certification

Congratulations! Lux Power LXP’s new series split-phase inverter has passed UL 1741:2021 and IEEE 1547.1 test certification provided by Intertek, an international authoritative certification body, officially gaining access to the North American market. This makes it one of the few residential energy storage inverter manufacturers in China that can meet the standards.
The UL 1741:2021 and IEEE1547 standards are the industry’s most stringent electrical safety standards promulgated by the United States for off-grid solar power inverters, power converters, and other electrical equipment distributed power generation system requirements for grid connection.
Currently, most energy storage inverter products cannot withstand the rigorous testing of these two standards, but as a leading manufacturer of energy storage inverters, Lux Power places great emphasis on the quality and performance of its products. To improve the safety level of the products, the Lux Power team cooperates with the Intertek certification body to conduct a performance test, abnormality test, functional protection test, stability test, and mechanical test to improve the safety and reliability of the products so that users can focus on the value of the products.
Lux Power specially tailors the LXP series ESS split-phase inverter for the North American market. The product has many advanced features, including a touch screen, peak shaving, AC coupling, Smart Load, a separate generator interface, support for parallel up to 10 units of single-phase and three-phase balanced and unbalanced connections, auto-wake lithium batteries, and an intelligent monitoring platform for remote monitoring, setting and upgrade, etc. In the North American market, this recognition ensures that the product quality reaches the leading international standard, provides Lux Power with a competitive advantage in the international market environment, and promotes the next vigorous expansion in overseas markets.
In recent years, Lux Power has constantly been changing to serve customers, with “technological innovation” as the driving force, maintaining the fear of power supply safety and constantly raising the standard in the field of product certification. Besides, the company has taken practical measures to protect the safety line, provide customers with economical, efficient, and compliant products, and help them solve their energy consumption problems.


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