LuxpowerTek Off-grid inverters, best sellers in South Africa


Generating electricity from the sun and using this free energy is far better for the planet than using fuel energy. But solar power generation is done by the solar panels, not the inverter. So why do you need one?


Inverters are the heart of a personal solar power plant.


Their primary function is to convert DC power supplied by solar panels into AC power, which we use in our homes.


Without one, you won’t be able to use your produced solar power, and you will not be able to use the stored power from your battery bank.

Another task the inverter has is to manage the charge and discharge of your battery, ensuring the overall health of your Solar Power or Load Shedding system is in good nick. Therefore inverters plays a very important role within a Solar Power or Load Shedding Kit.


Thanks to LuxpowerTek, that bringing a brilliant off gird inverter to South Africa so save thousands homes from Load Shedding, the Eco hybrid SNA 5kW model alone has dominated over 25% shares in the market in the past 2022 and we are looking at double this number in 2023.



Simply put, a solar inverter converts DC power (Direct Current) that Solar Panels produce and batteries store into AC power (Alternating Current) that our home appliances use to run.


They also do several other things like tracking your production, and they are responsible for ensuring your system is safe and shutting down if it’s not to prevent damage.


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