Luxpower inverters have been added to the Mosaic AVL

Luxpower, an inverter manufacturer, has announced that its US-standard machine series has been added to the Mosaic Approved Vendor List. Inverters play a crucial role in solar energy systems by providing a similar function to the heart of the human body. As a well-known financing company in the United States, Mosaic has provided over $10 billion in loans for sustainable solar home improvements.

Mosaic made Energy storage made affordable to be a reality

By including Luxpower’s products on Mosaic’s approved supplier list, installers can now use Luxpower inverters to ensure homeowners receive sustained energy savings from their solar investments. Moreover, with Luxpower’s installers now able to offer lower rates, energy storage is becoming more accessible and affordable.

Luxpower has also been working tirelessly to make energy storage ownership an affordable reality. This year, through close communication with many installers and distributors, we learned that most American households need to rely on financial loans to solve their energy storage problems. Therefore, we began preparing applications with solar-related financial institutions, and Mosaic became our top choice because their PowerSwitch loans help homeowners finance solar system installations to reduce energy costs, increase home resale value, and allow homeowners to use state and federal solar tax credits. Mosaic’s secure and innovative financial platform simplifies this process.

Multi-function, multi-experience

Through Mosaic’s product models, Luxpower now has more functions. For example, if a household already has a grid-connected system, using Luxpower’s machines not only increases the power of the existing grid-connected system but also allows excess energy to be sold back to the grid, resulting in a win-win situation.

By working with Mosaic, Luxpower helps contractors expand their market and increase profits. Moreover, by financing energy storage systems, homeowners can avoid rising utility costs, resist inflation, and increase power reliability. All of this has become a reality.

Better quality, better service

Luxpower promises to work even harder to give back to more users with our excellent products and services. If you have any questions about applying for a Mosaic loan, please feel free to contact us.

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