How To Connect the Wi-Fi to the Solar Inverter?


How is the idea of dropping bombshells on your electricity bills? Well, that is possible thanks to solar technology, which has dominated nowadays. But, the power calculation, usage, and connection can be a big hassle.

But it is no more. With the introduction of Wi-Fi solar Inverters, you can connect and monitor A to Z aspects in real-time—scan power to voltage and many more aspects of your solar system in a blink. Today, we will elaborate on the Wi-Fi solar inverters and discuss their connection!

What is a Wi-fi Solar Inverter?

A Solar Inverter is a device that converts DC into AC. Solar energy storage occurs in the DC form, which is ineffective for home or industrial appliances. To empower the devices, solar inverters play a crucial role.

A Wi-Fi solar Inverter operates and conveys real-time information to the monitoring devices. It helps in monitoring the power and voltage. One more thing— you get real-time issue detection in your solar systems.


How does a Wi-fi Solar Inverter work?

Solar Inverter operation is quite simple. When you connect it to the Wi-Fi, it downloads information such as power. Transfer it to the person sitting miles away.

Here is how this whole monitoring system works!

  • The inverter converts DC to AC and shows the power and voltage on the screen.
  • The Wi-Fi connection transmits this displayed data to the cloud servers.
  • Users can view the detailed data through the website or mobile app.


Whenever there are sudden surges or decreased power cases, users can identify issues and actively tackle all the problems in time.

Types of Wi-fi Solar Inverter 

There are three types of Wi-fi Solar Inverter monitoring systems. They rely on whether you have a built-in operation or use third-party monitoring. Here are a few types.


PV Production Monitoring

This monitoring system has built-in functionality in solar systems. There is no need to invest additional costs. A screen shows off the power and relevant information. But you can transfer it to the app through the built-in Wifi system.


PV Production and Energy Consumption Monitoring

Do you want to spice up your monitoring with some advanced monitoring? If yes, it is the system that acts like a built-in PV monitoring but comes with extra features such as:

  • You get the net electricity through your system.
  • It tells how much energy your solar power system is producing.
  • Also, know the power consumption by the appliances and system.

Such detailed monitoring needs an extra setup in the meter box. You can install and grab all the necessary solar information through the Wifi connection while being miles away from the device.


Third-party Production Monitoring

For all the older solar systems, third-party monitoring was necessary if you needed to know the power details. You have to install a separate monitoring set and get the information. Usually, process installers deploy such systems to avoid any errors. Moreover, they run freely once you have installed the monitoring system.


Why do you need the Wi-Fi solar inverters?

Wifi connection is a new thing in the market. Before it, you have to purchase a separate monitoring system. Fortunately, almost all solar systems have built-in Wifi support.

There are many benefits of Wifi monitoring.


Easy monitoring 

Whether at home or the office, solar inverter monitoring is no hassle. Install the mobile app and get the real-time status. From power consumption to power generation, you can grasp all the necessary information.

The hassle-free installation process also makes it a preferred choice. There are no limitations in the monitoring.

Early problem detection 

Do you have a high power surge? Track it down with the Wi-Fi solar inverters. Your screen displays the power input and output. It also shows the total power consumption in the home or office.

If there are risks of tool damage, you can mend your ways. Get early replacement of power systems and save yourself from hectic costs. In the long run, you’ll prevent rising costs.

Real-time Result

Nowadays, the technology is quite advanced. The measurements occur in real time. For example, you can check the power generation at 4 or 8 PM. 

Updated results keep your confidence high in the monitoring system. Plus, the accuracy is unbelievable. It is because of correct voltage and power measurements due to advanced tech.


There are no restrictions on the solar system. You can update and scale your needs. As soon as you are raising your energy demands, go on operating Wi-fi on another level. Get a fast internet connection and upload your data to the cloud.

Install the Wi-Fi devices in your industrial sectors and monitor the data. Save the necessary information and enjoy flawless accuracy in the monitoring.


Where have you installed the solar Inverters? Wifi connection is effective for all the systems. Industrial sectors deploy the Wifi to operate and download data. Many industries and markets have a wifi connection to update stores and sell more.

Such a dominance of Wifi ensures the usage of Wi-Fi-operated solar inverters in every industry. Versatile usage and impeccable applications vote for this solar setup.


How do you connect the Wi-Fi to the solar inverter?

Wi-Fi solar Inverters come with a built-in facility for wifi monitoring. But you have to explore the mobile app where you can view your details.

The connection of the solar panel with the app and wifi transfers the real-time and helps monitor the information. 

We have listed the basic layout and the connection of the solar inverter to the Wi-fi for timely monitoring.


Step 1: Get Ready for Connection 

The first step is to keep your hands on your soar devices. Prepare your Wifi and have a smartphone for the connection. Check the availability of a good internet connection.

Step 2: Power up your Inverter

Take a look at your inverter to check the following parts:

  • The inverter is on and working efficiently.
  • The Wi-fi module of the inverter is on. If you have a physical module, turn it on. Sometimes, a Bluetooth connection would help.


Ensure the functioning of the inverter before you integrate the app and WiFi connection.

Step 3: App Integration 

Read the Manufacturer’s instructions for the app download. For example, here are three crucial companies with their mobile app connections.

  • Download the Sungrow app to connect to the Sungrow solar inverters!
  • Huawei solar inverter has a FusionSolar app. You can download it from the Play Store or Apple Store.
  • GoodWe Solar Inverter also offers an app named the SEMS portal app.


Manufacturers’ manual guides you through the right app and connection.

Here is how to connect the app!!

  • Login to your app.
  • Connect your solar inverter module.
  • Set a password and complete the setup process.

Step 4: Add Wi-Fi details

Now, set up your Wifi and integrate it with the mobile app or web interface of the manufacturers. Follow the points:

  • Move to the Settings.
  • Select the option with Configure Wi-Fi.
  • Enter the password and network name to connect to the Wifi.

Step 5: Verification and Connection 

Suppose you have been persistent in doing all the tasks; great! Finally, wait for a few seconds to minutes and check the status. Has the Wifi connection been established successfully?

There will be a notification on the screen. Moreover, you can observe the successful connection on the display, too.

Step 6: Registration and Monitoring

Not all the time; you have to register. Some manufacturers need the users to register their devices and get a stable wifi connection. After the registration, you can directly see the solar system performance on your screen.

Can I connect my Solar inverter to the Wi-Fi myself?

As you’ve learned about the solar inverter connection with Wi-Fi, it is not tricky. Moreover, when you install the solar Inverters, ask your installer to connect with the Wi-Fi. Since the solar inverters have built-in Wifi systems, most installers connect it. 

What if your installation expert doesn’t connect the Wi-Fi? What should you do in that case?

There are two options left to you.

  • Connect manually. If you have understood the installation process, double-check the guidelines. Give it a first try and connect. If a connection is established successfully, that is great. Otherwise, you can move to the second option.
  • Hire the installation expert. If you don’t have time or do not want to encounter errors, invest some bucks. Hire the experts who have years of experience in this field. Bring them to your solar system and install the Wi-Fi routers and modems. Connect the app and integrate your whole system with the solar inverters.



Do your homework before jumping into the Wi-Fi solar inverters. It can be a tricky deal to crack. Therefore, know the quality and find the top inverter solutions. Get advanced monitoring while being in your bed!

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