A Complete Guide to Off Grid Solar


Some of our readers may have heard about the term Grid Solar for the first time. You may be among those people; this is a new term for them. Being an experienced grid Solar services provider, we will guide you all about Off Grid Solar. Here we will discuss all the building processes of Off Grid Solar. So, let’s have a look at the information below:
Things that you should focus on while you are working on the Off Grid Solar.
  • Learn about your power needs

  • Choose a location

  • Have an understanding of the components

  • Focus on making battery house

  • Have an experience of panels

  • Pay attention to the wiring system

  • Enjoy your wire system

Choosing off Grid Solar is not a challenging game, but it will be if you need an understanding of it. Today we will guide you all about it, which will let you save time and money.

Overview of Building An Off Grid Solar System

While you are building an off-grid solar system, then you must understand what your expectations are. Make sure you follow the proper process, as it is the only thing that will save you time and money. Here are the steps that you need to follow while you are building an off-grid solar system

Step 1: Design an off-grid solar system that will overcome your needs

It is the biggest thing you should understand when focusing on making the off-grid solar. It will help you in checking about in understanding how your energy level goes on changing

Step 2: Choose a place for your panels

Now, after this process, you must focus on choosing the right place to install your panels; when you select the top of your house, you will need a better idea. Make sure that the site you choose must be shady, as it will improve your solar panel’s efficiency and make them run for a longer time.

Step 3: Pay attention to the components of the Solar Panel

The right placement of the off-grid solar panel is also the most important. Make sure that you should understand the power potential of your location. Here are the few things that you should focus on when working on the components
  • The exact size and the number of the features of the solar panel

  • Make sure that you must have an idea about the size and the type of the controller

  • The battery capacity is also the essential thing that must not be ignored

  • Learn about the correct rating of your inverter

Step 4: Start building your solar battery house.

You can choose any of the rooms in your house for your off-grid solar system. After the process of ordering your components, then you are ready to make your battery house. Your battery will take much less space within your home, but you should protect the area from kids. If you touch the battery or any of its parts, then it may hurt them.
On the other hand, paying attention to the temperature changes is very important as choosing freezing weather will not let the off-Grid Solar work. But Ventilation is the primary thing you must focus on when you build a solar battery house.

Step 5: Install Solar parts

After the above steps, now is the time when you need to focus on the installation process of the solar parts. They will be better efficient if they are placed directly towards the sun. You can build off-grid Solar using multiple ways as it all depends upon the material you choose. To have a better output, you can make it with the help of wood or a type of metal.
Step 6: Focus on wiring up your off-Grid Solar
After the installation process of the off-grid solar system, now is the time that you should focus on the wiring process of the Off-grid solar. This is a simple process, as you can go with the help of the permaculture homestead, boondocking RV, etc.

How Many kW of Solar Panels Do I Need?

When you want to learn the overall capacity of your solar panels, you must understand how much energy they will use to operate. The power is determined in KWh or Kilowatt hours, and now you need to know how much power you need to run off Grid.

How to measure your power Usage

The perfect option to measure power usage is to make it yourself. You can use Kill-a-watt and plug it inside a wall along with your appliance. It will help you estimate the power, whether you want it in watts or Kilowatts. The best option is to measure it in Kilowatt hours. It will help you in getting a proper reading about the power. You can connect it for 24 hours to learn about whole-day reading.
You can also find out your hourly power usage while multiplying it along with the number of hours it will use.

Calculating your Daily Usage

You are now coming to the point of how you can calculate power consumption. Before calculating it, you must know that your energy fluctuates the whole day and even changes during the winter and summer seasons.
Determining How Much Energy Solar Panels Produce
The amount of solar energy panels produce depends upon the sun you get in your daytime. It means you will get less power during the winter compared to sunny days. The best method to determine the energy produced is you have to measure it. You can purchase one solar panel and understand how much power it makes during the day. The energy produced by the solar panel will be different every year. Moreover, it all changes from one season to the other season.

Choosing the Right Size Off Grid Solar System·

If you want to meet all your desires related to power needs, whether day or night or summer or winter, then you should focus on choosing the right size of your off-grid solar system. But the thing that you should understand is that the off Grid solar system is not 100% efficient. To get the best results out of your Off Grid Solar system, then you must make sure that you should check for the components.

Considering Battery Capacity

Batteries are the only source that lets the off Grid Solar work smoothly. It is the thing that will allow you to manage your energy consumption, whether it is day or night. Moreover, it eases the operation during cloudy days, when you are not getting enough power. If you charge your battery for a whole day in winter, then you can operate your off Grid for the entire night.
For example, if your battery is producing power of 1Kwh for a whole day, then you are storing enough power to get it operated.

Where to Put Your Solar Panels

You are now coming to the question of where you need to place your solar panel. As we have already discussed, there are better places to place your solar panels than that roof. Besides this, there are many other areas where you can easily place your solar panels, and here we such regions:
Make sure that your solar panel must be placed at a right angle.
When it is about the placement of the off Grid solar, then you should make sure that it must be placed at a right angle. You will lose all the power if it is placed at a right angle.

Pay attention to the shading.

The performance of the Off-grid Solar is also impacted, due to the shading of trees, buildings, or any other obstructions. If there is 10% shading on the off-grid solar, it will affect its performance up to 10%. In other words, it generates power of only ¾.

Learn whether your off-grid Solar is accessible or not.

When you want maximum power from your solar Grid, you should ensure that it is cool and well cleaned. Dust and dirt can accumulate within the off-grid solar panel, so you must periodically check that it is cleaned. You can place your solar Grid on the ground to make it well-cleaned and easily maintained.

Keep your solar panels Cool.

When your solar panel turns black, then it will become hotter. Secondly, an over-heated solar panel produces a significantly less amount of power. Moreover, when you want to improve the performance or life of your solar panel, then you should ensure that they must be excellent.


At last, we hope that you have all cleared with the Off Grid Solar. So, when you want the maximum out of your solar Grid, you must pay attention to the above post. So, improve the performance of your off solar Grid with the help of the above post.

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