3KW or 5KW Solar Hybrid Inverter: How to Choose the Right One?

Are you stuck in the eternal debate between choosing a 3kw or 5kw solar hybrid inverter? A 3kw system will seem more economical as it is cheaper. However, the 5kw inverter will have a greater capacity to power all your needs. 

So, the question remains: should you buy the 3kw or 5kw solar hybrid inverter? In this detailed guide, let’s look at the critical factors for both options. By the end, you will know which system to choose. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

What Is a Solar Hybrid Inverter?


A solar hybrid inverter combines solar and battery inverters in a single unit. As a result, the system can transfer solar power to batteries by retrieving it from the panels. Simultaneously, it uses the utility grid as the third tool for power management. 

A solar hybrid inverter is known for its unique features, like battery backup mode, providing extra power in case of a blackout. It also offers the plug-and-play approach you don’t necessarily find in solar systems. 

Generally, a solar hybrid system offers different working modes, including hybrid, grid-tie, off-grid, and backup modes. It comes in various outputs. capacities, like 3kw, 5kw, 7kw, etc. 

Also known as a multi-mode inverter, it allows the system to use solar power while also storing it for later. A solar hybrid grid tie inverter consists of batteries that save energy for later use. Alternatively, you can return the extra power to the primary utility grid rather than keep it. 

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3KW or 5KW – Which Hybrid Solar Inverter to Choose?

Solar Inverters

While these inverters have different outputs, the most popular options are 3KW or 5KW. So, let’s look at some factors to help you decide which one suits you:

1. Your Requirements

Right off the bat, the first thing to consider is your requirements. What do you need the solar inverter for?

Let’s say you want to run the essentials with some extras in your house, like lights, fans, refrigerator, LED TV, and one inverter air conditioner. In that case, go for a 3kw system. It can run essential utilities, and intelligent power management can enable the inverter to power even some extras. 

But what if you have more appliances in your home? Generally, bigger houses need a more extensive system. That is where a 5kw solar hybrid inverter can be helpful. It can run a large house or small commercial spaces.

2. Solar Panels 


A solar system consists of solar panels. Their quantity may change depending on the inverter and its specifications. Generally, the number of solar panels in a system depends on the following factors:

Type of solar panels


Two primary types of solar panels are used in a 3kw or 5kw system. Let’s look at both to provide a clearer picture:

● Polycrystalline Panels: They are generally cheaper and provide lower efficiency. Also, you will need more polycrystalline panels, regardless of your solar inverter’s specifications. Their output ranges between 250 to 300 watts.

● Monocrystalline Panels: Do you have a more flexible budget? Go for monocrystalline panels. They have an output range of 300 to 400 watts. However, their greater efficiency makes up for the high prices!

Space can be a concern, especially for residents. That’s because not everyone has enough area on their roof to install many solar panels. Thus, here, you will either have to prioritize costs or space. 

3. Additional Features

While most features are similar in 3kw and 5kw solar systems, variations can still occur. For instance, most 3kw inverters might not have battery backup modes. This feature is more suitable for commercial buildings rather than residential ones. 

Moreover, you have other features to consider, like power management and monitoring. These options can offer real-time analytics of your solar hybrid inverter’s performance.

But these additional functions can also vary with the manufacturer. Companies like LuxPower Tek offer feature-rich hybrid inverters. Alternatively, many companies might offer old-school systems with no extra features. 

4. Installation & Maintenance 


The installation of a solar hybrid inverter depends entirely on its specifications. You don’t have enough space or expertise to manage a more robust system. Also, you have a small house with fewer appliances to run. Consider going for a 3kw system. It will also require less frequent maintenance. 

On the other hand, you will need a 5kw solar hybrid inverter if you have more appliances to power. However, this system will require more maintenance and care, including regular inspections.

Note that maintenance can also depend on the system’s quality and reliability. The number of batteries can also play an integral role in deciding frequent or less frequent care for your hybrid inverter. That said, regular inspection is still better, as it can solve problems before they occur. 

5. Budget

The hybrid solar inverter price can range anywhere between $700 to $9,000. The decisive factors for their pricing are:

● The output range

● Number of solar panels

● Batteries

● Quality of the system

● Brand name

● Mounting structure for panels

● Warranty

Remember that the mentioned price on a solar hybrid inverter is only its initial cost. You will also need to set aside a decent amount for its installation. Plus, its future maintenance and repairs can also cost significantly. 

As you may expect, a 3kw system is more economical. It is a suitable option for people on a tight budget. But on the downside, it may not have power flexibility.

A 5kw system offers more opportunities with its more excellent output range. But, it is comparatively more expensive than a 3kw inverter. 

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Which Solar Hybrid Inverter Should You Choose?

solar inverter

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make. As mentioned earlier, buying the best hybrid solar inverter depends on your preferences.

In some cases, a 3kw hybrid solar inverter is more suitable, while other situations call for a more robust 5kw solar hybrid inverter.

1. When should you buy a 3kw Hybrid Solar Inverter?

If you only need to power your essentials, then a 3kw hybrid solar inverter is ideal. It can also provide extra room to run your secondary appliances, like an air-conditioning unit. Furthermore, it is a better option if you have yet to experience with a solar system. It requires comparatively less maintenance and offers a decent output range, enough to power a small to intermediate home. 

2. When should you buy a 5kw solar hybrid inverter?

A 5kw hybrid solar inverter in South Africa can be a more efficient option if you want more power flexibility. If you have more appliances to power, consider going for this system. It provides a robust output range to power larger homes and small commercial buildings. However, these systems may require more frequent inspections, mainly if they are used for commercial purposes. 

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3. Which Solar Hybrid Inverter Company to Choose?

You will come across many solar hybrid inverter companies with lucrative pricing options. However, not all of them are reliable. The key is to take your time and research a trusted company. 

Currently, Luxpower is one of the best options in the market. They offer worldwide installations and have customers from different countries, including South Africa, Italy, Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, the UK, and Japan. 

They offer different grid hybrid solar power inverters that are easy to install and use. Luxpower can fix you up with solar inverters ranging from 3kw and 5kw to 12kw. So, whether you have commercial or residential requirements, consider contacting Luxpower. Their customer service can respond to your queries quickly, saving you time and providing a free price quote!

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It is important to note that solar hybrid inverters are the future. People are installing them due to their higher cost-effectiveness. These efficient power sources can help you eliminate your expensive electric bills. Moreover, you will have a better way to power your house. Whether you choose a 3kw or 5kw system, it can benefit you financially. 

To conclude, we recommend you review your requirements and budget constraints. Consider choosing an option that fits your criteria by providing an optimal output range at minimal costs. You can rely on companies like Luxpower to set you up with durable systems that get you through the years!

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