Is A 10kW Solar System Right for Your Home?

Although a 10kw solar system might look like the suitable investment, do you need the amount of power it provides? As solar panels keep getting cheaper, a more comprehensive range of solar system sizes is more affordable, including the famous 10 kW solar systems. Keep reading as we uncover if the 10kw solar size is the right choice for your home or office. 

What Does An Average 10kw Solar System Cost?



The price of equipment contributes to whether you buy it or not. On that note, here is a run-through of how much it will cost you to install a 10kw solar system. 

As of the start of 2022, the cost of an average 10kw solar system was $30,000. However, the price drops to $21,000 if you factor in the federal tax credit. Moreover, the price tends to vary across states since some include state or utility-based solar rebates, which often reduce costs. 

That said, here is a brief list of how much a 10kw solar system costs in some parts of the United States before and after tax credits: 

● New York: $28,600 before the federal tax credit and $20,020 after the federal tax credit

● Indianapolis: $35,400 before the federal tax credit and $26,196 after the federal tax credit

● California: $26,800 before the federal tax credit and $18,760 after the federal tax credit

● New Jersey: $27,500 before the federal tax credit and $19,250 after the federal tax credit

● Ohio: $29,700 before the federal tax credit and $21,978 after the federal tax credit. 

● Florida: $26,100 before the federal tax credit and $18,270 after the federal tax credit. 

● Texas: $27,700 before the federal tax credit and $19,390 after the federal tax credit 

● Georgia: $23,300 before the federal tax credit and $16,310 after the federal tax credit. 

● Massachusetts: $34,700 before the federal tax credit and $25,678 after the federal tax credit

Perhaps your state needs to be added to the list; find your state’s prices by inputting your zip code here. Plus, you should note the type of 10 kW solar system you pick also affects the price. For instance, a 10 kW off-grid solar system price would differ from an On-Grid one. 

What Amount of Electricity Can A 10kW Solar System Generate? 

Typically, a 10 kW solar inverter generates 11,000 to 15,000 kWh of electricity yearly. However, the amount of power the system generates depends on other factors too. Where you live contributes to how much power the system will provide. For example, a 10kW solar system will have more output in California than in a place with less sunlight, like Massachusetts. Some other factors include where the solar panels are installed and if there are any obstructions. 

Is A 10kW Solar System Sufficient Enough to Power a Home? 

Yes, and comfortably. A 10kW solar system is sufficient to sustain an average American household’s energy usage, which is about 11,000 kWh yearly. Nonetheless, it is likely your home has more energy usage requirements than that of an average home. Plus, each state has various energy consumption. For instance, homes in states like Wyoming are more likely to use more energy than in other states. Hence, while a 10kW solar system is a tad much for New Jersey and New York homes, it is what you need in Wyoming. 

However, only a few homeowners will need a 10kW solar panel system as lesser would suffice for their home’s electrical usage. However, as a rule of thumb, it is said that if you pay more than $600 per quarter in electrical bills, a 10kw is an excellent option. Plus, consider present and future needs. 

Moreover, your home’s electrical usage is beneath the output of a 10KW solar system; you can still opt for it. You can design your solar system to be off-grid, saving up the extra energy in a 10kw inverter for later usage. There are three typical choices: off-grid, on-grid, and hybrid. Each has specific benefits. If you love the idea of saving up excess energy, you can check in with local installers on 10kW off-grid solar system prices.  

How Much Can You Save With A 10kW Solar System in Terms of Electric Bills?

best residential solar inverters

If the 10 kW solar system covers the home’s energy needs, average homeowners can save about $125 per month. The monthly savings could lead to about $1,500 yearly, which is an excellent investment. Plus, integrating a solar panel system also reduces utility bills. However, the amount you get to save up depends on where you stay. This happens because the amount you pay for electric bills depends on these three factors: 

1. The energy your solar panels can produce

2. The cost of electricity 


3. The state’s net metering policies

For instance, if a 10 kW solar panel system produces about 1,000kwh monthly in Arizona, you might save $110. But if that same solar panel system was in New York, you could save $200. This disparity is simply because electricity, hypothetically, is more expensive in New York than in Arizona. 

How Long Does Getting a Payback on A 10 kW Solar System Take?

If you are like most people hoping to hop on the solar system train, you probably want to know when you will be expecting a payback. A 10 kW solar system is a long-term investment that benefits the environment. It is fine since one of the main reasons for a transition was to save up in the first place. That said, the average payback period on a 10 kW solar system is between 8 to 20 years, not forgetting the part location plays in all of it. 

Location and how much energy your system produces contribute to how long it will take for a 10 kW to pay itself back. Also, your ROI (return on investment) can be much higher if you stay in a region with solar rebates such as the SRECs ( solar renewable energy credits.)

How Many Solar Panels Are in A 10 KW Solar System? 

solar panels


Solar panels come in sizes ranging from 300 to 400 watts per panel for residential installations. Solar system size is the sum of each solar panel’s watts to create the required size. For instance, to make a 7.5kW solar system, you will need 20 300 watts panels, much less if the panels are 400 watts. On that note, a 10 kW rooftop solar panel system will need somewhere between 27 to 34 panels. The meetings will require a lot of rooftop space, so you should consider that before opting for the system. 

How Much Roof Space Does A 10kW Solar System Need? 

The roof space you will need to install the panels of a 10kW solar system depends on the panel’s wattage. The lower the panel’s wattage, the more meetings are necessary to make up a 10kW solar system. Nevertheless, you will need between 475 to 615 sq feet of space. And this space should be at the south-facing side of the roof to maximize the energy the panels produce. If you are still determining how much space your rooftop has, you can get a professional to help you measure or do it yourself. 

Can You Self-Install A 10 KW Solar System?

Totally! You can install your solar panel system with a DIY solar kit. Plus, self-installing can be cheaper than the services you get from companies. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its risks. DIY is often dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Picking the right location for the panels and inverter choice can take a bit of work too. Although you might want to save a few bucks, hiring a solar installation professional might be better as it could save you a lot of money in the long run. 

How to Find the Right Installer 

When hiring a reputable installer, consider local installers in your area. Opting for local installers is usually a great pick because they are familiar with the incentives available in the area and would offer you an excellent service. This way, you are in for a better installation experience and, in most cases, lower prices. 

Bottom Line 

As with most things in line, not all shoes are meant to fit. However, if you have gotten this far, a 10 kW solar system might suit your home nicely. You should know what’s best for your solar system journey to get the best experience. And undoubtedly, there is a lot more to learn. Are you going for an off or on-grid solar system? And what are the incentives attached to each choice? If you want an off-grid solar system, you probably want to know the 10kw off grid solar system price. On that note, check out our blog for more information. 

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