AC Coupled Inverter Series

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How AC Coupled Inverter Works

AC Coupling System Connection

To retrofit existing on-grid solar system to energy storage ac coupling system. It couldn’t be easier than installing a LXP AC series inverter coupled on AC side with a battery pack.

AC Coupled Inverter Self Consumption

Under self use ac coupling mode, AC coupled inverter will detect the power of on-gridinverter generated, which will be used by local loads first, and rest will bestored in the battery by using AC coupled inverter,excessive power will befeed back into the grid. This is the default mode which will increase the selfconsumption rate and reduce the energy bill significantly.

Force Difference Amp AC Coupled  Time Use

This difference amp ac coupled mode suits for situation where the price difference of energy is big. Usercan set the charging and discharging time and priority of energy use underForce Time Use Mode. The user can also choose whether to charge thebattery using grid power if the regulations permitted.