ECO hybrid SNA 3-5k


Intelligent offgrid& hybrid modes

PV & AC power loads simultaneously

Wide PV input voltage range

Easy to use with battery

Free monitoring & remote upgrade

Single phase or unbalanced three phase

Advanced Parallel, up to 50kW

Independent generator interface

Host inverter automatically generated to manage entire system

Product Efficiency

Europe Efficiency


Max Efficiency




Off grid system is good solution for the area where is no electricity, shortcomings or with stable power.

Advantage of solar power

  • Economic
  • Clean
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Noise-free

Can partially or completely replace diesel generator.
System Capacity: 3-50kW

Working Modes

SNA5000 serial offgrid inverter can support the system to work as a backup power or a replacement of diesel generator. Since the inverter support paralleling function, the capacity of system can range from 3kW to 50kW. The inverter support working modes.

Pure Off-grid working mode: working as a traditional off grid inverters, can set out put to utility first, battery first or solar first.

Hybrid working mode: Working as a hybrid, support solar and utility jointly take the load, can set to self consumption mode or charge priority node.

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