LXP hybrid 4-6k HB


High battery voltage, higher efficiency

Intelligent working modes

Stronger UPS

Easy to use with battery

IP65, indoor & outdoor use

Free monitoring & remote upgrade

Advanced Parallel, up to 60kW

Plug & Play, seamless switching under 10ms

Product Efficiency

Europe Efficiency


Max Efficiency


Battery working efficiency


MPPT Efficiency



System Connection

A newly designed solar and energy storage hybrid inverter, capable to install in on-grid solar, off-grid solar and back-up systems. LXP Hybrid enables a programmable and scheduled smart solar energy storage system to help increase your solar energy self-consumption rate, protect your home appliances from grid shortage, and balance your energy usage strategy to save energy bill.

Working modes

LXP hybrid inverters support variable working modes

Self consumption mode : solar power will be used to take house load first, the left solar power will be used to charge the battery, after battery charged, the solar power can feed into grid.

Force charge and discharge mode : inverter will charge or discharge battery according to the time users set.

Charge first mode : solar power will used to charge battery first, then take family load and at last feed into grid. This mode is used in the area where grid power supply is not stable

Parallel Connection

The LXP hybrid inverter MG series support parallel connection function. Which means users can extend their off grid power very easily.

Due to the advanced control method, there are some advantages for the parallel system:

  • 1. As more as 9 inverters can be connected
  • 2. There is no requirement for same length of cable connection
  • 3. Users can connect all inverters to a big battery bank or connect to different battery group

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