LXP ACS 3600


Stronger UPS

Intelligent working modes

Generator interface available

Easy to use with battery

IP65, indoor & outdoor use

Free monitoring & remote upgrade

Retrofit any on-grid systems to be able to run battery

Plug & Play, seamless switching under 10ms

Product Efficiency

Europe Efficiency


Max Efficiency



System Connection

To retrofit existed on-grid solar system to solar energy storage hybrid system could not be easier than install a LXP AC series inverter coupled on AC side with a battery pack.

Variable working modes

Under Self Use mode, AC coupled inverter will detect the power of on-grid inverter generated, which will be used by local loads first, and rest will be stored in the battery by using AC coupled inverter, excessive power will be feed back into the grid. This is the default mode which will increase the self consumption rate and reduce the energy bill significantly

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