How to choose the best solar inverters for home?

When you want to set up a solar system, you have to have solar inverters. This page will help you to choose the proper solar inverter for your home and give you some inverters for reference. 

01|what is a solar inverter?

02|What does a solar inverter do?

03|How to choose the best solars inverter for your home?

What is a solar inverter?

A solar inverter (or solar panel inverter) is the most important and the most sophisticated part of a solar system, which is a bridge between the grid and PV power, even the batteries and your home loads.

What does a solar inverter do?

Function1: Inverter

The main jobs of solar inverters are converting DC power generating by solar panels into available AC power as well as the heart of a project.

Function2: Monitoring and Diagnosis

A solar inverter has the functions of monitoring and diagnosis, not only providing convenience for installers and owners to see how a system is performing but also providing diagnostic information to help O&M crews identify and fix system issues. 

Function3: Helping Battery Management

For a solar energy storage system, a solar inverter plays a crucial role, which helps the battery management determined when to charge and discharge.

How to choose the best solars inverter for your home?

Based on battery management, this article will introduce three kinds of solar inverters of luxpower and comparison for solar energy storage systems. 

1. Hybrid inverter

A hybrid solar system cannot be without a hybrid solar inverter. Luxpower hybrid inverter enables a programmable and schedulable to help increase your solar energy self-consumption rate, protect your home appliances from grid shortage, and balance your energy usage strategy to save energy bills. A hybrid inverter has powerful and complete functions to make it can be used in most solar energy systems, not only in an on-grid solar system and off-grid solar system but also in a back-up system and hybrid solar system.  Therefore, a hybrid solar inverter is quite popular with its users, especially in South Africa and the Philippines. Even though the price of a hybrid solar inverter is the most expensive compared with the other two inverters.

 2. On-grid inverter

Generally, conventional on-grid or grid-tie inverters have no battery storage capability. And here I recommend AC coupled inverter, which the main function is to retrofit existed on-grid solar system to solar energy storage hybrid system. Due to the government policy and geographic location, many areas have installed on-grid solar systems but they want the back-up system, and they just need AC coupled inverters as a bridge to connect the solar panels and photovoltaic inverter to your home loads, batteries, and the grid. Many people in the UK respond that AC coupled inverter increases the self-consumption rate and reduces the energy bill significantly, "it's the best solar system solution." they said. On the other hand,  the AC coupled inverter is easier than the hybrid solar inverter so that the price is cheaper.

3. Off-grid inverter

An off-grid inverter is the core part of an off-grid solar system, which is a good solution for the area with no electricity, shortcoming, or unstable power. Off-grid inverters can support the off-grid solar system to work as back-up power or a replacement of a diesel generator. Off-grid SNA 5000 serial can support paralleling function and has two working modes, pure off-grid working mode and hybrid working mode. In general, the off-grid inverter is so popular because of its stable function and fair price. By the way, the price of an off-grid inverter is the cheapest.

From the solar inverters comparison above, you probably understand how to choose the best solar inverters for your home. You should choose different inverters according to different solar systems and functions, and the budget in addition. If you want to know more about solar systems, you can go to What are the differences between on-grid, off-grid and hybrid solar systems?

How does a solar inverter cost? It's within budget consideration and you need to know the solar inverter price list to determine. And on the next page, you will find the answer.

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