Lux Power has got High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Lux Power has got High-tech Enterprise Certificate in February.

A high-tech enterprise is an enterprise with high-tech, core intellectual property rights, and the ability of continuous research and development transformation mainly supported by the state.

High-tech enterprises not only enjoy policy support but also demonstrate the strength of the enterprise as a signboard with the word "Guo" while awarded the qualifications. 


As a new energy and energy-saving technology enterprise, Lux Power is focusing on providing better experiences on solar energy, energy storage, and smart energy management technology to the global market. Lux Power has the new energy industry top engineers who developed various types of solar and energy storage inverters and energy management systems for over 15 years. Now Luxpower inverters and SEM system have been installed all over the world, and we are proud that our products are well received by the consumers. Thinking for customers, supplying a user-friendly system which is easy to use, easy to install, and able to save customer’s cost is our commission.

We now have the hybrid inverterAC coupled inverter, and off-grid inverter with single-phase and three-phase series. And we are continuing to develop and update more to help solve user problems. The future can be expected.


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