What is a WIFI module?

What is a WIFI module?

A WiFi module is the embedded module that converts the serial port or TTL level to the standard of Wi-Fi wireless network communication. In short to say, the wifi module is to connect the solar inverter to the Internet, which provides the convenience to the user to remote monitoring and controlling from the Monitor system.

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The best wifi module and advantages

Traditional hardware devices embedded in the Wi-Fi module can be directly connected to the Internet using Wi-Fi. For example, embedding WIF module into home appliances can realize the intelligent home appliances, and household electrical appliances can be controlled in other places through mobile phone APP.

You will find that the WIFI module is used in hundreds of projects and various implementations such as home automation, robotics, drones or computers, controlling things over the internet.

There are a lot of WiFi modules in the market, and luxpower wifi module is different in two ways.

1) Our OEM wifi module is customized. It has strong pertinence, more professional, more simple and convenient, ready to use, and requires no drivers or functionalities development.

2) The wifi module price is from a few dollars to dozens of dollars. However, luxpower inverter is equipped and the wifi module is free.

How can I make a wifi module?

WIFI module installation is simple, connecting a wifi module to the WIFI interface or Wireless Communication interface, and fixing it with four nails as shown below.

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How can I test my WIFI module and set?

When installing a wifi module, you need to connect it to the Monitor System and set the password. For the detailed operation, please download Smart Energy Management System Guidance PDF.

There are two ways to help you, one to the "Luxpowerview" app and one to the web http://server.luxpowertek.com/WManage/web/login. 

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