Luxpower Off-grid Inverter First Examples Applications

Lux Power Technology was founded by the new energy industry top engineers for over 15 years, and he’s striving to become a solar energy storage inverter export. Off grid Inverter is a good solution for the area where is no electricity, shortcomings, or unstable power. Since we have launched the first off-grid inverters for SNA 5000 WPV for 50 units, which are sold very well and mainly in South Africa, Philippines, Vietnam, and China last month, they have all got a lot of good comments. 

off-grid application in Philippines1

off grid inveter 000(1)

off grid inveter 003

off grid inveter 001

off-grid 2

off grid inveter 002

Installation from customers in the Philippines

The luxpower off grid inverter series meet different output voltage and output power depending on loads. And off grid inverter has many advantages which are economic, clean, environmentally friendly, and noise-free.

As the SNA 5000 WPV  opens up the international market, off grid inverter will be more and more popular. If you want to know more about SNA 5000 WPV, you could click Luxpower hybrid Inverter 5kw VS SNA 5000 WPV for detail.


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