Luxpower gets WEEE-Reg.-Nr.DE 42171489 certificates for the German market




Lux power has got WEEE-Reg.-Nr.DE 42171489 and been listed by

C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V., das Centrale Agrar-Rohstoff Marketing- und Energie

Netzwerk at the same time, which means it can develop the German market.


Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), that is scrap Electronic and Electrical Equipment recycling instructions.To properly deal with these huge amounts of electronic and electrical waste and recycle precious resources, the EU adopted two directives which have great influence on electronic and electrical equipment products in 2002, namely WEEE(Eu Recycling Directive) and RoHS (EU Environmental Directive).

As of 2019, conversion efficiency for state-of-the-art solar converters reached more than 98 percent. As we know, Germany has the strictest environmental standards Of all the European countries. We are subsidized by the German state of Bayer, and we are listed by the statue of Carmen.The German market looks promising next, and we bring the cleanest energy to German citizens.

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