Lux power Hybrid inverter gets EN50549 certificates

After two months working on EN50549 certificate tests, Lux power hybrid inverter finally gets the EN50549 certificate. Lux power will enter Europe residential energy storage market with this certificate soon.

Lux power is an all-in-one solution for energy storage, it combines MPPT charger, inverter and off-grid output function in one unit. Lux power 3-5k hybrid inverter is used in battery energy storage system, for the default mode, it is self consumption mode, which suitable for the place where power cost is high and Fit is low. For example, the cost of power is super high in Europe, customer can choose this working mode. There are also some other settings to change the working mode , for example, charge priority will make it useful for the place where always have load sheddings. If you have any questions with the unit, Please contact .


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