Luxpower Hybrid inverter adopts advanced parallel method to participate in commercial station

As a good solution for residential energy storage system, Lux power hybrid inverter not only used for home, but also works in commercial station. Lux power 5K hybrid inverter adopts advanced wireless parallel method, which make the installation is more easier. The advantage of this method are as below:

1.Easy installation, less cable connection.

2.Flexible battery connection, for each inverter, can connect to separate battery groups, inverters will balance the SOC automatically, which has advantage when customer add some inverters and batteries later after first installation, since the battery is not same batch,  it is better not mix the new battery and old battery. Lux power hybrid inverter also support connect all batteries as a big battery bank and then connect to inverters.

3.Do not have limitation to have same cable length

4.Able to parallel more units in the system