Luxpower ECO-Hybrid inverter will release in September

What is ECO-Hybrid inverter?

ECO-Hybrid inverter is also a kind of solar inverter transformed DC current to AC current, which is mainly used in off-grid or grid lack situation.

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As we know all, there are many people living in the world without electricity power supply. Some of them live with candle and some live with generator, actually the cost is high and it also pollutes the environment. As the cost of solar panel and battery go lower and lower, people find the cost for a solar system is lower than generator by each kwh, more and more people turn to solar, then they enjoy green power.

The solar inverter is the key device in the solar system, it will make solar energy to electricity power. ECO-Hybrid inverter will work in this situation, and we will release ECO-Hybrid inverter in September.

ECO-Hybrid inverter advantages of 6 tips:

1.Have two models: LV MPPT Range model(Max PV input 150V) and HV MPPT Range model(Max PV input 500V).

With the HV model, it is combiner box-free, so it is easy for installation. For the family who already installed LV system and wants to change the inverter, they can buy the LV model.

2.Independent generator input

It can support generator input and different generator settings, for example, when to wake up generator, when to stop generator...

3.Solar, battery and grid take the load at same time,which will increase the efficiency of solar power utility.

4.Support Lead acid battery and Li-ion battery

It does not need any extra box to communicate the Li-ion battery. For the Li-ion battery which is not in the compatible list, support many charge settings to optimize the charge curve.

5.Support parallel function,

ECO-Hybrid inverter is easy for parallel connection, just one cable connection.

6.Use the same monitor system as Lux power hybrid inverter, which is user friendly, can support remote monitor, remote settings and remote update.



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