Hybrid solar system—Relevant Product Recommendation

A hybrid solar system consists of solar panels system, solar inverter, and solar storage battery system. I will recommend you the solar hybrid inverter——Loxpower hybrid inverter, which main task is to convert DC current into AC current and convert AC current into DC current, according to demands. Lux power hybrid inverters are designed for solar energy storage solar systems, which can be capable to install in on-grid solar, off-grid solar, and backup systems.

What is a hybrid solar system?

hybrid solar system is based on the on-grid system to add a battery system to store energy similar to a backup system. Hybrid solar systems combine the best between on-grid and off-grid solar systems.

How does a hybrid solar system work?

First solar panels use the photovoltaic effect and convert solar power or solar energy into DC power in the daytime. Then the DC power is directly stored in the battery bank or battery system. And the excess energy is converted into AC power by the solar hybrid inverter to home appliances even feedback to the grid. At night, there is no sunlight and when the grid electricity supply is not available during the peak period, the batteries DC power is converted by a solar inverter into AC power to support household electricity.

Hybrid solar system: advantages and disadvantages

It is very suitable for domestic customers that a solar hybrid system enables a programable and schedulable smart solar energy storage system to help increase your solar energy self-consumption rate, protect your home appliances from grid shortage and balance your energy usage strategy to save energy bills.

There is a table about the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid solar systems.

Advantages Disadvantages
Storing excess solar or low-cost electricity Higher cost of batteries than grid-solar
Releasing energy stored by the battery at 

peak times in the evening

Higher install cost for complex installation
UPS function for backup power system or 

off-grid system

Backup power for important loads
Reducing power consumption from the grid Payback time so longer
Advanced energy management Limited battery life of 7-15 years

Wanting to learn more about selecting a hybrid solar system, on-grid system, or off-grid power system, please read the article What are the differences between on-grid,off-grid and hybrid solar system?


What is the advantage of the hybrid inverter?

1. High Performance                                                     

Up to 80A charge/discharge current of the battery
Up to 4000W charge/discharge power

2. Enhance UPS
Seamless switching within 0.01s with stronger back-up output
Up to 10 units in parallel of UPS mode(MG)

3. Easy to use
Schedulable working modes, easy installation, and setting
Which smaller size and lighter weight 20kg

4. Remote monitoring & maintenance

Remote monitoring, setting, and upgrade

5. Optimized heat control

Much better heat dispassion, and much lower derating

6. Safer operation

Protected connection area, multiple protection devices

7. IP65 protection

Designed for both outdoor and indoor installation

Maybe you’re already wondering how high the price of such a good solar inverter must be. In fact, Hybrid systems are also at least half the price of an off-grid system because of no need for a diesel generator.

If you want to know more about hybrid inverter, please go to Hybrid Inverter’s detailed introduction.

If you are interested in our products, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@luxpowertek.com.

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