How to Run CEI Auto-test Function on LUXPOWER Inverter

Based on CEI 0-21 requirements, all inverters that feed into the utility grid must be equipped with an auto-test function. During the auto-test, the inverter sequentially checks the over-voltage, under-voltage, over-frequency, and under-frequency protection time. After completion of the auto-test, the inverter automatically switches back to feed-in operation. Installer needs to submit the auto-test result to power company when finish installations.

In order to save installation time and make the auto-test function easy to use, two methods have been released to execute the auto-test function.

Tip: Ensure the inverter is operating in “PV+Battery grid on” or “Battery grid on” mode before starting the Auto-test mode.

Method 1: Run the auto-test procedure via LCD.

Search and select① “Auto Test ” in the setting interface,then press “Enter” —> ② come to “Start auto test” interface, and then press “Enter”—>wait until the proceed ending.


Result checking: “Auto test pass” is shown on the LCD if the auto test is successful, on the contrary, “Auto test fail” will be shown on LCD if the test fails. Installer judge result of test based on this and make his report.

Method 2: Run the auto-test procedure through a WEB monitoring system.

Visit the Maintain page—>①select “Auto Test” Tag —>②input inverter SN and search —> ③click “Start auto test”—>wait until process complete


One key download auto test report

The test result will be displayed in the green frame. If user want to export the test result, please clicking ④”get test result”—>⑤click “Export”.The test result will be able to export in an excel file.

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