LuxpowerTek Launches Multi-string DC-DC Converter

As some countries begin to limit the  PV grid-connected power and the price of solar panels is getting lower. So energy storage inverters are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, we launched China’s first DC/DC 100K converter to retrofit the existing ON GRID system into the energy storage system. This dc dc converter can not only increase the capacity of existing solar panels but also. Increase the self-utilization rate of the existing solar system.

This device has the following features:

  • This dc dc converter has PV input, PV output, and battery interface. It works by storing excess solar energy in the battery on the DC side and simulating solar panel output to the PV inverter. And since the curve simulation output part is according to the characteristics of solar panels to formulate, our device can match any other brand of PV inverter
PV inverter
  • The dc dc converter can control the PV input, which means it can also charge the battery when there is no grid.
  • This converter can set the charging priority time period
  • Dc dc converter has a DC input voltage range of 300-1000V and features 24 input solar strings and 12 output strings
  • Dc to dc converter is compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries with a battery voltage range from 300-700Vdc
  • It has an efficiency of 97.9% and a European efficiency of 97.5%.
  • It is IP65 rated protection, so it can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Dc to dc converter has a five-year warranty. And dc dc converters the design life can reach more than 15 years in 25-degree environment
  • Dc dc converter integrates intelligent data collection for remote service assistance and features flexible account settings for multi-level-type users
solar power generation

As a new direction of energy storage, this scheme can greatly reduce the transformation time of existing solar power stations. And dc dc converters realize the virtual power station (VPP) function, which can quickly realize energy scheduling and solve the problem of solar power generation instability. The following are some installation pictures:

onverter installation pictures
installation pictures
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