Luxpower hybrid inverter has been approved PV list in Cape Town

Luxpower hybrid inverter has got NRS097-2-1 certificate from South Africa and received recognition from Energy and Climate Change Directorate last month and today lux power hybrid inverters are on the list of approved inverters in Cape Town. The Certificate Compliance number is CN-PV-190006. This time hybrid 3k inverter, hybrid 4k inverter, and hybrid 5k inverter have participated in the test and the EUT is technically compliant with the EMC(Radiation and conduction) of SANS 211 requirements. This test meets the requirements of EMC(30k-150kHz) in Cape Town however currently NRS097-2-1 requires resistance to high frequency interference 30k-30MHz.



In fact, hybrid inverter 3-5k have got good reviews and feedback since lux power inverter launched in the South African market so that luxpower inverter is extremely popular in South Africa, not only because of its comprehensive function and excellent quality which can solve the problem of electricity storage for users but also because of its convenient installation and flexible use.

Hybrid inverter practical applications in South Africa

South Africa application9-1

South Africa application8-1

South Africa application7-1

South Africa application4-1

South Africa application01-1

South Africa application1-1

Hybrid inverters in South Africa are very popular from parallel inverter applications above. Hybrid 3-5k solar inverters have solved the problem of electricity shortage and saved the bill of the local residents. What's more, a proper hybrid solar inverter price is not high and a suitable solar energy storage system is economical in the long term.

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